Pro Blade, Purple
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Pro Blade, Purple


The Aerobie Pro Blade is engineered for epic aerial performances! It’s designed to self-level mid-flight, so every throw glides through the air effortlessly without rolling to one side.

The innovative ring design makes throwing and catching incredibly easy, so players of all ages and skill can play. And with the unique open center design, players can create their own stylish trick shots and awesome catches!

For Ages
14" x 10.5"

PRO BLADE THROW RING: Designed with self-leveling technology that levels the ring as it rotates in the air, making these the easiest rings to accurately throw.

EASY TO THROW, HOLD AND CATCH: The ring-like shape provides comfortable and easy catching during play. 

PERFECT FOR TRICK SHOTS: the unique open center design is perfect to try our creative catches and fun trick shots.

How-To Video

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