Sonic Bounce Ball, 3-Pack
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Sonic Bounce Ball, 3-Pack


Send your trick shots to new heights with the Sonic Bounce! Engineered with high-density foam and a geodesic design, every bounce, rebound, and trick shot is bigger and better than ever before!

Small and portable, anyone can bounce, carry, and catch! This means challenging your friends to perform the highest bounce or coolest trick shot is easy! The Aerobie Sonic Bounce is the ultimate bouncy ball and creates highlight-level plays each and every time.

For Ages
2.6" in diameter

HIGHEST BOUNCE: The Sonic Bounce was designed and engineered for the sole purpose of being the highest bouncing ball! This high-density foam ball features a geodesic design to reach insane heights!

PERFECT FOR TRICK SHOTS: Insane bounces and awesome rebounds make for epic trick shots! Challenge friends to see who can bounce the highest or create the most exciting trick shot!

SMALL & PORTABLE: With a diameter of 2.6 inches, this outdoor bouncy ball is the size of a tennis ball and small enough to fit in a gift bag or backpack!

PERFECT GIFT ITEM: These outdoor balls are ideal for party favors or birthday gifts! Level up your outdoor party game and master trick shots with the Aerobie Sonic Bounce!

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